Industrial Engineer - Distribution Center


The Productivity Engineer is responsible for the development, implementation, documentation, and support of the engineered production standards as well as the development and implementation of best-method practices in a high volume distribution and logistics operation. Additional responsibilities include maintaining the SQL based Production Recording and the Labor Management System, along with developing and executing queries used in engineering analysis.

The Productivity Engineer works directly with Operations Managers and Supervisors during the development and implementation of best methods, standard conditions and the engineered labor standards. The Productivity Engineer collaborates with counter parts across the network to ensure methods and standards are consistent.


•Develops best methods, standard conditions and engineered labor standards for multi-variable production operations.

•Identifies and evaluates improvements in methods, procedures, and workflow that increase productivity, and decrease operating cost.

•Coordinates the implementation of engineered methods, standards, and reporting systems – including conducting standards introduction meetings and analysis presentations with associates, supervisors, managers and directors.

•Maintains the configuration and assists in the development of the production reporting applications and related interfaces with timekeeping, warehouse management and labor productivity systems.

•Executes queries and reports for the collection of data used in engineering analysis. Maintains the existing data collection applications along with other SQL and MS Access based applications used in conjunction with the standards program.

•Collects and summarizes time study and work sampling data to support development of engineered labor standards.

Summary of other Job Duties:

•Maintains knowledge of production and incentive pay reporting applications. Assists with trouble-shooting data entry, reporting, and data collection problems.

•Assists in the development of processes and mechanisms for labor forecasting, staffing, modeling, incentive performance/bonus reporting and tracking and other reporting as required to support management of engineering projects.

•Advises and assists management with labor analysis and economic justification studies. Assists operating management with implementation of changes to established methods.


•Technical Competence/Expertise




•Planning and Organizing

•Analysis and Judgment


•Four-year degree in Industrial Engineering or equivalent field or proven experience in engineering field.

•Knowledge of SQL or MS Access databases.

•Strong Mathematical and analytical capabilities. Time study, work measurement, and warehouse floor data collection experience preferred.

•Operations knowledge of distribution and related processes preferred.

•Ability to effectively communicate and interact with non-exempt associates, operational supervisors, and upper level management. Bi-lingual English/Spanish preferred.

•Available to work varying schedules across 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts as needed.

•The ability to think in terms of process flow and identify operational component operations and interrelationships.

•Detail-oriented with strong organizational and technical writing skills.

•Experience in using PCs in a professional setting – developing and using standard applications such as spreadsheets, and word processors as typical tools to execute.